Who We Are

Eighteen Ventures (EV) is a small business development advisory firm providing consulting and fundraising services to health technology entrepreneurs, startups, and small emerging firms nationwide. Specifically, we offer our clients pertinent services that help them build successful businesses with a novel health technology, health service or medical device.

We also help our clients secure new health technology development funding from the  National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and private investors, i.e., Venture Capital Firms, Health System Venture Funds, Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Firms and Pharmaceutical Venture Funds.

Our free Publications, Skype Presentations, Investor Matching Service, and Information Sessions provide invaluable insights on finding and connecting with potential private sector investors.

Preferred Provider 

Eighteen Ventures is a Preferred Provider with the Pennsylvania Innovation Partnership program. Pennsylvania based health technology entrepreneurs and startups can use the Innovation Partnership's $3,000 MicroVoucher to help pay for Eighteen Ventures' SBIR proposal development service. 

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Acquiring Health Technology Development Funding: Building An Effective Business Case

Whether your small firm is seeking seed funding from the National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program or pursuing early stage capital from private investors, i.e., Venture Capital Firm, Corporate Venture Capital or Health System Venture Fund, the request must include a compelling, realistic, sound business case.

Yes, investors are interested in your novel health technology or medical device.  They, however, are more interested in a credible, cost-effective business case that shows how your company intends to sell the innovative solution successfully into a competitive market, generate consistent revenues, capture market share, and produce profits. Without an effective business case that demonstrates a clear path to monetize an innovative technology solution, investors are less likely to invest in your small firm.

Read and learn what is involved in preparing an effective business case that leads to acquiring capital investment for your small firm.