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Skype Presentations

Eighteen Ventures offers free instructive monthly Skype presentations on starting, funding and growing profitable small health technology companies.

The 60-minute interactive sessions are designed to support health technology entrepreneurs' efforts to:

  1. Build and launch successful small businesses,
  2. Obtain public capital (i.e. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) seed grants), and
  3. Obtain private sector investment capital (i.e. Venture Capital, Health System Venture and Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Funds.)

Private Sector Funding Options for Your New Health Technology Project

On Wednesday, September 25th, Eighteen Ventures will present an informative session on acquiring new health technology development investment capital from five private sector sources: Business Angels, Venture Capital, Health System Funds, Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Funds and Pharmaceutical Venture Funds.   Each separate funding source provides entrepreneurs, startups and small emerging firms with the opportunity to obtain either seed or early stage investment capital needed to produce problem-solving, novel, commercially-viable health technology solutions or medical devices.

The session will cover:

    1) A full description of all five private sector capital investment sources.

    2) An in-depth discussion on how startups and small firms can position their company as solid investment candidates.

    3) A list of active private sector investors offering seed and early stage capital to health technology entrepreneurs, startups and small emerging firms.

This presentation is based on Eighteen Ventures' new publication, Private Sector Funding Options for Your New Health Technology Project©.  To request a free copy of the publication, please visit our Publication web page.

Date: Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST).  NOTE: Participants will be able to connect to the event at 10:40 AM EST.

Registration Deadline: 8:00 PM EST on Monday, September, 23rd, 2019. No registrations will be accept after this deadline.

Registration Process: Please complete and submit the Registration form below.  Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail from Eighteen Ventures.

Cost: Free

Who Benefits Most From Attending:  Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small emerging firms seeking seed capital to fund the development of an innovative health technology concept or medical device.

About the Presenter: Darrell Williams is an experienced small business development consultant who has been involved in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program since 1999. Darrell is the Founder, President and CEO of Eighteen Ventures, and has authored numerous publications about public and private sector funding for small businesses.  He also has published briefs on various health technology industry sectors, i.e., mHealth, Digital Health, Telemedicine, and Artificial Intelligence.

Contact Mr. Darrell Williams,, if you have any questions about this upcoming free event.