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Matching Service Description

This free service is designed to help health technology entrepreneurs, startups and small emerging firms locate potential private sector investors and acquire money to develop and commercialize a novel health technology solution, healthcare service or medical device. Health technology entrepreneurs, startups and small emerging firms, especially Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award-winning companies, can submit a request for a list of potential private investors providing early stage capital, i.e., $2M or more.

After submitting a request, your company is provided a list of 4 potential investors, from Eighteen Ventures' Private Investor Database, who have funded similar projects or has a particular interest in funding solutions in your company's technology development area. 

Who Should Participate

(1)   Startups and small emerging firms who demonstrated proof of concept and/or built a technology prototype without federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding.

(2)   Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award-winning startups and emerging firms who require private sector funding to fully commercialize their completed Phase I and/or Phase II health technology projects. 

Eighteen Investor Database

Eighteen Ventures maintains a database with one hundred private sector investor firms providing early stage capital to small firms producing groundbreaking health technologies, healthcare services or medical devices.  Our investor database includes individual organizations representing Venture Capital Firms, Health System Venture Funds, Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Funds and Pharmaceutical Venture Funds.

Service Fee

The service is free. There is no service fee.

Submission Request Process

Please use the submission request form below to receive a list of 4 potential private sectors investors.  NOTE: To ensure a successful search, please answer all of the questions thoroughly below.

Contact Person

Contact Mr. Darrell Williams by emailing or calling (305) 332-2443 for additional information on the service.