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As the U.S. $3 trillion dollars healthcare system moves rapidly towards reducing operational costs, increasing productivity and improving patient outcomes, the demand for novel technologies continues to grow.  The system, in fact, is counting on health technology entrepreneurs to help meet the demand. In response, entrepreneurs obtain Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) seed grants to produce original, profitable technology solutions, e.g., mHealth devices, patient portals, robotics, wearable sensors, artificial intelligence, telehealth/telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, etc. that stratify the system's needs.

Eighteen Ventures is researching and publishing a series of publications designed to help health technology entrepreneurs learn how to secure new health and medical technology funding from the two participating federal agencies, National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF), and the private sector sources, Venture Capitalist, Business Angel, and Corporate Venture Capital. 

Acquiring Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) New Health Technology Development Funding

This publication presents a detailed overview of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs, which offer seed funding grants to produce innovative, market focused, problem solving healthcare or medical solutions.  In particular, this publication covers the  following: 

  • Provides a brief description of the SBIR program.
  • Descriptions of the NIH and NSF SBIR programs.
  • Profiles the funding priorities of each federal agency.
  • Highlights the five items needed to prepare successful NIH or NSF SBIR proposals.
  • Illustrates the NIH and NSF SBIR new health technology development funding process.
  • Presents samples of NIH and NSF SBIR program funded health technology projects.


New Health Technology Development: Raising and Attracting Seed Capital©

Bringing a proposed health technology concept to initial viability takes lots of money. The original sources of money usually come from an entrepreneur's personal assets, family or friends. However, the early cash contributions are not enough to move the concept from idea to product prototype. Entrepreneurs, therefore, need to seek external seed capital that will support the complete fundamental development of their technology concept.

Eighteen Ventures' new publication, New Health Technology Development:
Raising and Attracting Seed Capital©, provides entrepreneurs with information on acquiring seed capital from six external funding sources. In particular, the publication describes each external capital source, i.e., Crowdfunding, Business Accelerator, Business Angels, Venture Capital, Corporate Venture Capital and Small Business Innovation Research, and explains how the money is raised from each. The publication also presents a brief discussion on the new health technology development attributes that attract potential investors. Finally, the publication explains the importance of preparing and using a business model to obtain seed capital.

To receive free copies of these publications, complete the order form below and submit.  The publications will be delivered to your provided email as a Portable Document Format (PDF).  Contact Mr. Darrell Williams today, at (207) 347-1214 or Darrell@Eighteenventures.com, if you have any questions about the publication or the publication order.















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