Consulting Services 


Business Model Development

A service designed to help you establish a practical business case for your proposed health technology concept, document a significant growth opportunity and attract private or public sector growth capital. Specifically, we work with you to research and prepare a business model that demonstrates how your company plans to derive value, such as attract potential buyers, generate revenues, gain market share and earn profits, from your proposed original health technology solution. 

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Business Model Review Service

To help health technology startups and small emerging firms gain private investor funding, Eighteen Ventures’ Business Model Review Service analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of their business strategy.  In particular, the review process ensures that the business model includes the necessary information & data which informs investors about the company’s intentions of growing a successful business with a novel, problem-solving, marketable solution. 

The review process, more importantly, identifies ways to improve each component, i.e., customer segment, value proposition, revenue structure, etc., resulting in a persuasive document that attracts the interest and attention of potential private investors.

Checkout an example of our work researching and producing a Business Model.

Business Plan Development 

A service designed to help you produce a strategic document that includes how your startup or emerging small firm intends to develop a novel, problem-solving and marketable technology solution, market & promote the solution, generate revenues, maintain operating costs, and earn profits. We work with you to prepare a plan demonstrating how your company intends to implement business development functions, i.e., marketing, management and finance, resulting in long term growth.

Checkout an example of our work researching and producing a Business Plan.

Private Capital Fundraising Service

A service designed to help you to identify and connect with potential private investors from Health System Venture, Venture Capital Firms, Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Funds or Pharmaceutical Venture Funds.   The service helps your small firm prepare and implement an effective strategy to find, contact and persuade targeted investors to invest in your company. 

The service includes:

(1) Identifying potential private investors, from Eighteen Ventures’ Investor Database, matching your company’s funding needs,

(2) Preparing and mailing persuasive introductory presentation materials, i.e., cover letter and Pitch Deck two page executive summary to targeted private investors, and

(3) Contacting, via email and phone, investor representatives to schedule a phone meeting/presentation with your company’s representative.

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Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Proposal Development

A service designed to help you organize, analyze and prepare essential information & data needed to produce winning Phase I proposals for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs.  We work with you to incorporate business strategy documents, i.e., business plan or business model, market research, and scientific information/data into a Phase I proposal document for the development of an innovative medical device or a health technology solution.

Checkout an example of a client who hired Eighteen Ventures for this service.   


Service Delivery Goals

Our consulting services are designed to help clients achieve these goals:

(1) Establish, build and grow prosperous small businesses.

(2) Prepare responsive winning public sector seed grants through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs for the development of innovative, marketable, problem solving healthcare technologies or medical devices. 

(3) Attract and acquire private sector investment growth capital from Venture Capital Firms, Health System Venture Funds, Corporate Venture Capital Funds, and Pharmaceutical Venture Funds.